Friday, October 22, 2010

My Friend Joee

I don't have to do this.

I don't have to tell you that Joe Wong's (aka Joee) photos are amazing. I don't have to tell you that he is an incredibly talented photographer.

His work speaks for itself.

Just look. Even I don't see the messy new-mother ponytail and hoodie. I look at that photograph and I think, "That woman is in love with her baby."

Which, by the way, I totally am.

Just look.

Joee writes on his website of the "Joe Wong Experience", and having spent some time with him in front of the camera now, I totally get it. You don't look at his pictures and think, "Wow, that's a very nicely framed shot." You look and you think, "That couple is in LOVE." "They're so happy." "That woman is totally in love with her baby." Joee takes a camera -- a very nice one, in his case -- but a mere machine, made of metal and glass, nonetheless -- he captures the warmth and reality of human emotion, and intensifies it, reflects it back to you more powerfully than you thought possible.

And he makes me want to go back and squeeze this adorable little baby, even though I've been holding him all day and he finally, finally, went down for a nap. It'd be worth it.

He's not good. He's great. He's a magician. He's also the most gentle, personable, and kind-hearted person you'll ever meet. He's a hands-on family man, taking care of his kids during the week while running a full-time photography business. He's a mentor for budding photographers. He's got great hair, a great car... and a great heart.

To my wonderful friend Joee: Thank you, for everything.

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