Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

How many people can say they woke up in the back of a minivan on the morning of their sixth wedding anniversary? A few, probably. However, how many can also say that they drove up to the world's highest salmon farm, where the fish thrive in the glacial waters of the hydroelectric dam, fed the fish, and then ate them as sashimi so fresh it was practically still quivering? How many can say that they did something called "tramping the Hooker Track"? How many spent the evening lounging in front of a fireplace, warm and toasty inside, but then went outside in the frigid cold and got back into that damn minivan to go to sleep?

I'm guessing not many... just us. The few. The proud. The crazy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! we're all kinda jealous except for the minivan part. What a wonderful celebration of 6 years...Congrats! NYGH cyto lab.

Gustavo said...

Happy Anniversary!

All the best guys.

Val, the blog looks great. Love the new header.

Wendy said...


Chelle said...

Happy anniversary!!

Christie said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like it was a great one!