Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada. Coffee. Hormones. Home.

A very Canadian coffee chain has recently been playing a commercial that makes me bawl every time I see it. This commercial coincides with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games which are going on right now, and I've never been prouder to call myself Canadian than over these past 17 days, watching our athletes represent us with a record-breaking number of medals. However, this commercial makes my heart burst every time -- chalk my excessive reaction up to pregnancy hormones, if you wish; still, if there's one thing that makes me realize that we truly live in the greatest country in the world, it's these 90 seconds of video.

We are truly fortunate to live in a place that allows people -- families -- to be together in a place where they can be safe and happy. If hope springs eternal, as they say, then Canada will go on forever.

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Gustavo said...

I think this commercial was a big home run! Being a proud immigrant, that makes me very emotional every time I watch it. Canada is no doubt one of the greatest countries in the world.