Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where To Next?

The wheels are turning. We are in absolutely no position to be even thinking about our next trip or even a vacation longer than a three-day long weekend in Algonquin Park... but it doesn't mean we can't dream. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't go out in the world last year to "get it out of our systems". It didn't do that. It only reaffirmed our feeling that there's so much out there to see -- and we want to see it all.

On the table for future travels (local and not-so-local...)

1. Egypt -- we didn't get here this time around, though we had intended to. We can't say we've seen the world until we've seen the Pyramids.

2. Turkey -- also cut from our itinerary at the last minute to make more space for lounging on the beach in Mauritius.

3. Patagonia, Argentina -- we've got a mountain fetish, and hiking in Patagonia will only feed it.

4. Churchill, Manitoba -- a little closer to home, though just as exciting, the polar bears of Canada hang out in Churchill every fall.

5. Easter Island, Chile -- You know why.

6. Greece -- The culture, the history, the food, the scenery.

7. Brazil -- reportedly the world's most Beautiful People live here. We want to feel inferior for a little while, so...

8. West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island -- I'm kind of chicken, but I'd LOVE to do this difficult hike one day.

9. Russia -- BG went here once upon a time, and we'd like to see how it's changed since then. Actually, we'd like to start here and do the Trans-Siberian Express and end up in China.

10. Can I say we want to do our trip all over again?


Gustavo said...

Nice picks. I am happy that you added Brazil to your itinerary. Rio is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I am sure you guys will enjoy it.

Cindi said...

Hope you don't mind - I just ripped off your post. I too am dying to see all the places you mentioned! What do ya say we hit the road again....SOON!

Monica said...

Wow - that picture of Greece is magnificient! I'm leaving for Turkey in September but won't have enough time to take the ferry over to Greece. :(