Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough

Well, so much for going on hiatus. I can't help it; I've MISSED this!

We're still re-living the dream in a big way, and this week we got to do a presentation for our friends at the Adventure Travel Company here in Toronto. Jennifer, Dennis, and many others there have been really helpful in the past when we planned this trip -- and others. I distinctly remember the first time we spoke to Jennifer about Round-the-World tickets. We listed off the places we wanted to go, and she whipped out a map of the world and a red pen, and went completely nutso with arrows and route plans. She knew it all, instantly -- she gave us routes and then re-routed the routes; she hammered out an efficient and reasonable itinerary that fit within the ticket parameters before we'd even realized it. It was amazing.

Anyway, the presentation was a great success, from what I gather, and we had a fantastic time. We talked peoples' ears off, that's for sure, and we'd do it again in a second.

In the meantime, here's a link to our presentation, in case you missed it.

The blog is back, baby.


Gustavo said...

Glad you guys are back! I kinda missed it too!

Adriana said...

I "stumbbled" into this blog and was hooked right from the start! so I was sad about the last post, but now I'm very glad it's back!

Gillian said...

love the presentation. With our departure coming up in six weeks I thought I was ready but your presentation had me taking a couple of notes. Thanks.