Thursday, January 8, 2009

What to Say?

I find myself strangely silent these days, without trials or tribulations worthy of writing about. The holidays were wonderful, and we've been catching up with friends and family. We've signed a lease for an apartment and are looking for a car, and our jobs are slowly coming together.

We're slowly realizing that our Trip of a Lifetime (TM) is really and truly over, and yet I hesitate to put Love and Chopsticks to bed. I haven't said everything I wanted to say. There are still stories to tell. Besides, if Love and Chopsticks comes to an end, it means that our journey is really over, and I guess I'm not ready for that.

Stay tuned, I guess.


Lor said...

Hey Val, are you thinking of printing the blog out as a book? I'm doing it with mine, using (Although it is having a technical glitch with blogger...I can tell you (and I mean BG) about it). I think your blog would make a fabulous book for your coffee table.


Jason said...

Welcome back! Would love to catch up with you guys!

Jessica said...

Of course you can't end it!

I think you're a very talented writer Val, and I will continue to read your blog as you and BG start out on your new journey - it's just one with hot showers, Starbucks, and reliable internet. Love and Chopsticks will go on! (corny, I know)

Anonymous said...

Keep the stories coming. I have enjoyed following along with your travels.

Dawn said...

You sound a bit down. I am anxious to hear some posts about returning to the old world, reconnecting, ups and downs of life after the big trip.