Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every so often the thought, "what was I doing this time a year ago?" pops into my head. It's usually pretty amusing to compare it to what I'm doing right now.

Take today, for instance. A year ago today, give or take, I was in Laos. Maybe we were kayaking on the Mekong River; maybe we were riding through the winding countryside on a rickety bus while our fellow passengers vomited into plastic bags all around us. We were most likely dodging livestock. There was probably a bunch of turnips under my seat.

Today I went grocery shopping and dodged shopping carts, because it's the last Thursday of the month... and that means it's SENIOR'S DAY! Everywhere! The grocery store, the drug store, the bulk food store -- sweet, soft-spoken, deaf little people all over the place, bumping into me and counting their pennies out at the cash.

At least there were still turnips!

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