Friday, December 5, 2008

This is the Kind of Thing I Hate

It's Friday morning. We're at an internet cafe in Port Louis, and my space bar doesn't work. The techno music is really loud. Also, this morning we drove Catherine to the airport and said good-bye; she's spending the next six months volunteering in northern Limpopo province, South Africa -- near the border of Zimbabwe. She's a spunky one!

Jeez, I thought saying good-bye once was hard enough. Saying it again was harder. We're somehow already at the end of our time in Mauritius -- I remember when we extended our time here and it seemed like it would never end. Suddenly, the end is upon us, and we've spent the last two days saying goodbye to people. Later today we'll board our flight and head for Switzerland, where we'll be greeted by mountains, snow, chocolate, cheese, and really nice practical underwear which lasts forever -- at least, that's what my husband would have me believe.

If only saying hello wasn't always eventually followed by saying good-bye, traveling would be perfect.

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