Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweetness Follows

I'm finally wearing my own pyjamas. I finally dry myself after my shower with real towels, no more of the handkerchief-sized travel towels that don't actually dry anything. I wear jeans and sweaters, shoes with heels. I use a hair dryer. I have a manicure. One day I curled my hair; the next day I straightened it.

Just because I can.

I hug my mom and sisters and mother-in-law; I squeeze them until they squeal. I call my friends, drive a car, eat sushi. When I walk down the street I listen to the people talk and understand everything that's being said. I make cappuccino twice a day.

Just because I can.

My wardrobe seems endless, even though I can't find my winter boots or coat. Right now I'm pretty sure I'll never need to go shopping ever again... at least until Boxing Day sales kick in. The skies are grey and it's snowing like mad, but it's Christmas and I've never been happier to be suffering jet lag and an impending cold, because I'm finally at home and I'm not suffering alone.

Happy Holidays, all.