Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Now that the trip of a lifetime is coming to a close, we can allow the expected analysis to begin. We will start with the numbers; luckily, Excel is not necessary.

Number of flights taken: 19
Number of countries visited: 16
Number of kilometres: according to our RTW ticket, 39,000 or so.
Number of days away from home: 448
Number of times forced to watch Horton Hears a Who: 3
Number of times Step Up: The Streets watched voluntarily: 3 (I like dance movies.)
Number of pairs of shoes worn: 4
Number of boats ridden: 8 (me) + 2 (BG)
Number of times seasick: 1 (me) + 2 (BG)
Number of flat tires changed in a four-week trip through southern Africa: 7
Number of people being crammed into a 12-seater bus: 18
Number of months without snow: 20
Number of packages shipped home: 10
Number of laptop repair visits: 4
Number of times BG stayed up all night rebuilding laptop: 4
Number of teabags being brought home from Mauritius: 350
Number of kilograms of chocolate being brought home from Switzerland: 3.2
Number of photos taken on this trip: 15,000 or so.
Number of times violently ill from stomach bugs: 0 (Yay!)
Number of days a shower was skipped: 4 (not bad...)

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C and J said...

I think I received at least five of those (large) packages you sent home! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!