Monday, November 24, 2008


It occurs to me that our itinerary says we're in Cairo, Egypt. Truth be told, we had that all booked -- ten days in Turkey, a week in Egypt. We were supposed to leave Mauritius on November 18th, and now it's the 24th.

The truth is that once we'd been here a few days, we found ourselves really getting into the groove of "Island life". The beaches, the food, the sunshine -- what's not to love? After some long-distance phone calls and rage-inducing visits to the Mauritius office of South African Airways, we changed our itinerary, cancelled those legs of the trip, and decided to stay. We'll now fly directly to Zurich (via Johannesburg) on December 5th, and then return to Toronto on the 22nd as originally planned.

Actually, the clincher for me was being here with my wonderful family after spending almost a year in the company of relative strangers. I have thrown myself gladly into their warm embraces, and am nestled here all cozy and comfortable amongst my people. I appreciate my family members more than I ever have, and am thankful every day that we get to spend more time with them. BG is also enjoying his time with them (and with Catherine, who also extended her time in Mauritius.) We've even scaled-down the time we intend to travel around Switzerland, and have decided to spend more time in one place with BG's family.

It's a wonderful way to end a wonderful trip.


wompcat said...

Yay! Sounds like a great plan...enjoy! Can't wait to see you!!! I made sure I was flying in the same day so we get to see each other at the airport too!

Christie said...

Glad to hear you're having such a relaxing and wonderful time!!! :)