Saturday, August 2, 2008

That's a Big Purse

We had a great day yesterday, as we went out to the Great Barrier Reef on a small sail boat called Ocean Free. It couldn't have been a better day, starting with great weather and a friendly crew on a comfortably kitted-out vessel. We snorkeled on the reef, had a delicious lunch, fed some of the massive resident fishies on the reef, and visited Cassius, the largest crocodile in captivity at Melanesia Marineland, on Green Island.

People, you don't know how big five metres really is until it's staring back at you in all of its toothy, hungry, scaly glory. Even with a wire mesh fence between us, I felt chills when Cassius glanced my way. Most of the time, though, he was staring thoughtfully at the small boy in our group. I wonder what he was thinking...

(photo credit goes to Steve Lionel)

From there it was time to head back to the boat and head back to Cairns. Enroute we were treated to fresh fruit, wine, cheese, and sweet treats as we watched Humpback whales splashing and playing in the distance. We also saw green sea turtles, black-tipped reef sharks, and sting rays chilling out in the areas around the reef. They didn't seem to mind us at all.

And Nemo? We found him too.

(photo courtesy of City Aquariums)

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