Tuesday, July 22, 2008

33 in Noosa

On my birthday, I woke up in an unheated room in the middle of winter in China, showered while standing atop the squat toilet and tried desperately to not drop the soap down the drain. Then I put on every single piece of clothing I owned and spent the rest of the day trying to not die of hypothermia.

Conversely, we celebrated BG's 33rd birthday in the warm, sparkly Sunshine Coast town of Noosa, a classy surfer (not as oxymoronic as you might think!)town that also happens to have great shopping. Let's just say that all three of us had a great time there! I think I've replaced most of my grotty backpacker wardrobe with shiny new things now. (Happy BG's birthday to me!)

On the first day there we hiked through Noosa National Park along the coastline and took in the views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean and powder-white sands. The next day, BG burned off his birthday dinner of calamari, lobster risotto and tiramisu by taking a beginner surf lesson, complete with wetsuit. Mom and I were thrilled to see him stand up and catch a wave. We even splashed out and went with a motel room after a rainstorm soaked BG's tent and bedding. He says it "wasn't that wet", but he was in denial.

That night, back in our Spaceship, we tried to continue the birthday celebration with cake. Unfortunately, the poky little shop across the street had nothing even resembling a muffin, much less a birthday cake. Desperate, I purchased something unattractively called a "Sultana slice" and dropped the candles on it in humiliation. The birthday hard-as-rock-and-BG-doesn't-even-like-raisins sultana slice was uneaten. The next day, Mom and I decided we'd more than make up for the birthday cake debacle by buying BG a Vienetta ice cream cake, a delicacy that he adores more than -- well, anything, really. Unfortunately, he was totally AWOL when we got back to the campground. And we had no freezer.

He returned three hours later to a sculpture I call "Transit Disasters on Chocolate-Dusted Melted Snowy Mountain".

At least there was some really good wine.


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Beeg. How's about a Swiss Chocolate cake a little later on? All the best N&H

Gustavo said...

Happy birthday BG!