Sunday, May 4, 2008

Remember Remember Remember

  • The kids showing me a red, swollen sting on Joom's face and telling me, "Bee boxing. Joom and Bee boxing."
  • The baby bath time production line, where they are back in the nursery in under five minutes: tooth brushing, diaper and clothing removal, bath, powder, diaper, and re-dressed again by six different people.
  • Watching one little guy piggyback himself on the backs of the other crawling babies because he couldn't be bothered to walk on his own.
  • "Boy" and "Joe" in our English class drawing skeletons instead of stick figures for all of the new words we taught them: "Run", "Dance", and "Jump".
  • The sign language phrase for "BG": a "B", plus a symbol for a very pointed nose.
  • Learning that elastic pants keep cloth diapers from falling down, but not from leaking.
  • Learning that pinning all three corners of said cloth diapers is very important, but not as important as not pinning the baby too.
  • Sticky rice and mango. Mango smoothies. Mango milkshakes. Mango.
  • Jackfruit. Just -- jackfruit.
  • Re-learing how to play Tic-Tac-Toe, make paper dolls, and fold endless paper cranes.
  • The look of wonderment on 30 little faces when the bubble solution comes out.
  • Taking Auntie and Mr. Lee ("The Old People") for walks in the morning.
  • Cappucino cocktails at the Cocktail bus.
  • Condo's bike getting run over by the pickup truck.
  • The transsexual cabaret show.
  • Garfield and Poon learning to walk.
  • Realizing that BG actually cannot blow soap bubbles.
  • Leslie's story that her 94-year-old mother asked for a six-pack of Heineken and a box of straws because, "You get a better buzz if you drink beer through a straw."
  • Andrew and Mike getting into religious and philosophical arguments over lunch.
  • All of our wonderful fellow volunteers, the nannies, the teachers, and our wonderful, wonderful friends. Never in my life have I been surrounded by so much kindness and love.

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Brianne said...

Those sound like good memories. :)