Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why We're Bad Teachers

The first order of business in our Secondary 1-6 English class today was to explain this T-shirt:

In Pattaya, it's not the "Sex instructor" part of the shirt that's offensive; it's the idea that it would be a free lesson that does it.

This was in the pile of t-shirts that was given to the teenagers today. I think someone should do a better job of "editing" the donations in the future.


Clare said...

Ha! My friend and I totally saw a guy wearing this shirt in Krabi. I don't want to say that it was the highlight of our trip to Thailand, but...OK, yeah, it pretty much was.

Still, I agree--probably not the best choice of casualwear for teens.

Mark said...

I still remember our 15-year old Nepali porter's t-shirt, which said "so many girls, so little time". He wore it almost every day for the six weeks we were there and had NO idea what it meant, but caused many a tourist to smile... :)