Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Unrelated to Children Post

There are ants in my scrubby shower gloves.

Let's back up here. I have a pair of scrubby gloves for lathering up in the shower. They are for exfoliating, and even though it seems like a luxurious thing to have packed, they dry quickly and weigh practically nothing, and do a great job of scrubbing that layer of travel grease off at the end of a sweaty, sticky day.

A few days ago BG bought some sticky rice with mango (yes... again.) He ate his tasty treat and then left his fork on the side of the bathroom sink. Do you see where this is going?

Fast forward to this afternoon when I went to have a shower: Ants everywhere. Sink, wall, fork (especially fork), and on my gloves. Inside my gloves. I could see them running back and forth through the weave of the fabric, gleefully. "Oh boy, this place is great -- all of these tunnels and doorways to run in and out of, and it smells so GOOD in here, kind of like green tea and raspberries, but soapy! Yay!!!"

I have to buy new ones. That's it -- I'll never get the ant-iness out of them.

Travelling with a boy is SO fun.

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