Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Thousand Apologies

I would like to issue a formal-informal apology to all of my elementary school teachers: Mrs. Bertling, Ms. Lang, Mrs. VanHooren, Mr. Whittington, Mrs. Carroll, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Bertling, Miss Evanoff, Mrs. VanDerHoeven, and Mr. Luciani. I would like to also apologize to the day-care providers whose names I cannot remember; those who watched me tantrum, whine, and cry so much every day that I was withdrawn from preschool after only a week. I would like to apologize to all of the babysitters we ever had, and to my parents, for all of the nights I refused to sleep and for all of the meals I refused to eat (though I suspect there were very few of those.)

Taking care of kids is hard. Teaching kids is a massive undertaking that requires endless energy and an ability to think fast and improvise in order to dump pieces of useful and relevant information into the minds that have attention spans of a fruit fly with ADD while keeping some semblance of order for the sake of administrators, all without sedation or restraints.

We've started resorting to bribery by candy. Is this wrong?

I'm still learning how to feed an impatient and distracted mini-toddler from a bowl of food that already looks and smells like baby barf -- I wouldn't eat it, how can I expect them to want to? And we don't have high chairs, so said unwilling/uninterested child sits in my lap for the duration of the struggle. It's a battle of wills and a battle of minds that I am constantly losing. My shirt and pants are covered in baby food at the end of every day, but it's no big deal because everything needs to be washed thanks to being soaked in sweat (mine) and pee (not mine) anyway. The nannies can each feed three babies in the time it takes me to feed one. My only consolation is that BG is worse at it than I am.

Check out videos of the baby room and the toddler room below!



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