Friday, October 26, 2007

As for the Photos

I have been getting the occasional request for photos; believe me, we're just as eager to get them online as you are to see them. We finally have a reasonably fast internet connection here in Tibet, so we hustled our asses down to the internet cafe to do it, and now we can't -- because we can't get logged into our ftp site. Or at least that's what BG said, so we're going with that explanation.
It doesn't matter; Internet Explorer is all in Chinese and we can't figure out what we're doing anyway.
They're coming, I swear.


Jen Shepard said...

Oh my God--this comment page comes up in Thai so God knows what I am doing. Please edit for me. Anyway, I have to tell you that Mark laughed when he read your "ftp" comment, and the sick part is, he laughed because he understood what BG means. One computer, shall we say "lover," to the next!

Val said...

Sickos, both of them.